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Big Jar Nuts

Nuts For...

Well-Crafted Crisps

We’re nut experts. Smoky, spicy chilli nuts. Classic salted cashews. Little pots, big jars or bags of mixed nuts which keep you reaching for more.

We’ve been perfecting our nut snacks for over 70 years, from classic salted peanuts to some truly exciting innovations. Come on in and browse our range…

Nuts if you do
Nuts if you don't

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  • SPICY Pub Nut Bundle Offer
    Spicy Pub Nut Bundle, containing over 40 bags of nuts. Comes with 2 Chilli Peanuts, 1 Crunchy Coated Peanuts card and 1 card of Spicy BBQ Peanuts & Corn w/TABASCO® brand Seasoning
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